OpenCI is an open "community of practice". (See for more details on meaning.) Participants in the OpenCI community are currently largely operators and users -- aka, practitioners -- of CI / CD in various open source project communities and foundations, as well as creators of related tools used in those communities. The current scope of the community's work includes development of shared vocabulary and best practices, sharing current practices and experiences from various communities, and facilitating a broad forum for discussion/enablement of CI/CD across dependent communities.

Although the existing participants are largely comprised of contributors to open source projects with CI/CD requirements of considerable scale and/or complexity, the community is open to anyone wishing to participate, regardless of whether or not they are working in an open source community.

The OpenCI community does not have an affiliation with any open source project community or foundation. This is intentional, and the exploration of changing this status is not currently planned. As the broader scope of OpenCI community is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, practices, and cross-project communication (by both humans and tools), a direct affiliation with a specific project or foundation could impede the OpenCI community's ability to freely address the problem space shared across, and between, those myriad communities.

However, for those participating in the OpenCI community as part of their work in other open source projects and foundations, it is expected that those individuals represent themselves in a manner at least as consistent in which they would in their own communities or foundations; truthfully, openly, and with integrity, devoid of "politics" related to communities, foundations, or their employer.

Please note that this charter is subject to change.